Sparkfactor Agency Reel

Description: Brand Mark, Tagline, Brand Collateral, Motion Graphics Reel, and Agency Capabilities Deck
Client: Sparkfactor
Year: 2014

I worked as Creative Director of Sparkfactor from 2011-2015. In four years, our talented, seven-person team accomplished a great deal. We won new clients, made revenue goals, and elevated standards for UX. It wouldn’t have been possible without always keeping an ear to the ground for what was truly important to clients and my team.  It was my honor and pleasure to evolve our own brand in 2014. Elements included a new brand mark, tagline, printed collateral and a 60-second reel highlighting the best of our work in video and motion graphics. The reel features work I did for Siemens, Prevent Blindness, Special Olympics Illinois, Bio-Tissue, National Express Corporation, Barco Products, and Wegener. The capabilities deck below outlines the agency’s staff, client list, and outstanding work in each discipline. 


Everyone’s favorite side of the business card. The photo I took at Lincoln Hall made our smallest piece of brand collateral a great storytelling tool.

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