Practice Posture


Practice Posture

Description: Brand System for Ergonomics Consulting
Client: Practice Posture
Year: 2016

Practice Posture began in 2013 as San Francisco Bay area startup with a funny name, “Propriocep.” Two years later, the founding partners added up everything we had learned, and talked about where we wanted to go next. We focused our offering as a consulting practice and rebranded with a more memorable name and refined brand system. Much of the work we had done retained it’s value. While there was an opportunity to change everything, experience told us that our course wasn’t changing 180° and neither should our brand. We had built an audience who were engaged with the current offerings. New brand standards were applied and rolled out in carefully timed phases.

By 2017, the venture had revealed new opportunities to spread our message and the company was dissolved.  My involvement as partner in a successful startup continues to inform my practice of branding, advertising and design. It has also contributed substantially to my understanding of workplace habits and wellness through a deeper knowledge of human factors.






The Startup

Description: Branding, collateral, and launch tactics
Client: Propriocep 
Year: 2013-2014

Late in 2013, chiropractor and physical therapist Daniel Lord DC approached me with an idea for a new product. It was something between a balance board and an anti-fatigue mat. He told about an emerging awareness of the health side-effects of prolonged sitting. West coast companies had started implementing standing workstations to alleviate this issue, however, new repetitive strain injuries were being seen as a result of prolonged, sedentary, standing posture. The goal was to get people moving again. After several months working on a prototype product, we realized understanding the need for active workstyles was the biggest obstacle to success. In January of 2014, we began rolling out a new brand. Propriocep was relaunched as a consulting practice, specializing in on-site training, work station ergonomic audits, posture hacks, and a habit-based regimen of microbreaks. 

The year-long launch campaign included, proposal writing, creating a website and blog, creation of traditional print collateral, social media ads, posters, video content, and presentation graphics. In spring of 2015, the successful startup was renamed “Practice Posture.”







Sample Pages from Red Bull Proposal

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