Outside in Aspen


Outside in Aspen

Description: Identity, art direction, and advertising materials for branded lifestyle event series   
Client: Outside Magazine / Aspen CVB
Year: 2010

As Art Director at Outside Magazine, one of my responsibilities was creating advertising and collateral for co-branded  events. In 2010, I was given the assignment of creating a unique brand to support Outside in Aspen, a new lifestyle weekend event co-hosted by the city of Aspen, Colorado. I was told a program logo would be a superlative asset to marketing, but that due to stringent brand standards, there was an expectation of failure. A simple text treatment was the expected outcome of a lengthy push-pull between brand managers.

I aimed higher, looking for a graphic element that created common ground, acknowledged separation requirements, and added value for our audience. I presented the mark in close to its final state on the first round. The design received immediate approval with only slight touches to the hue of the primary green. A brand mark considered bound to fail contributed substantially to the success of the  first year and remained in use for the following four years – the duration of the program partnership. While I moved on from Outside in June of 2010. I’m proud feature the original mark and supporting advertising from the first year here in my portfolio.








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