Electric Beard


Electric Beard

Description: Brand mark for motion graphics studio
Client: Electric Beard / Joel Benjamin
Year: 2007

In 2007, Joel Benjamin approached me with an identity design project – the creation of a brand mark for his motion graphics studio, Electric Beard.  I have no idea how Joel came up with the idea for the name, but recall it had something to do do with ancient cultures, perhaps his ancestors. What ended up being one of the most enjoyable and widely appreciated identity projects I’ve done, started out as a puzzle. I sketched a lot on my own and during meetings – exploring associations with different types of people and their respective beards. I also explored concepts that reinterpreted the notion of a beard and how to convey concept and feeling in a way that was graphically concise.

After showing Joel the original concepts I’d sketched, we both refined and expanded in Illustrator at the same time, exploring costume, facial features and symbols for electricity. Concepting should always be as fun as it was for Electric Beard. Both Joel and I had some personal favorites that didn’t quite fit the description of our end product, but were worth a good laugh. I guess that’s the joy of working within an established creative relationship. You can dig deeper and reveal something that inspires and excites.

The final product was handed off as a clean, merged shape, shown to my client only then with some suggested color pallettes. In the end, Joel stayed with black, added his own flair to the finished interactive product as we had already discussed. The fire effect and sound on his website that added life and warmth to the otherwise imposing character, welcoming visitors to click and look at his reel.



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